Iron Safety

Lesson Plan:  Ironing Safety

National Family & Consumer Sciences Standards:

16.0:   Textiles, Fashion & Apparel

16.4.1:  Demonstrate professional skills in using a variety of equipment, tools, and supplies for fashion, apparel, and textile construction, alteration, and repair.

Common Core State Standards:

RST.9-10.3 :  Follow precisely a multi-step procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in the text.


Using irons in an unsafe manner can result in severe burns. Students will learn techniques to prevent injury and to successfully remove wrinkles from cloth.

Behavioral Objective:

The student will understand and demonstrate proper ironing skills to prevent injury and provide for removing wrinkles from cloth

Time:  30 minutes

Materials Needed:

Anticipatory Set:

Show video:  Zen and the Art of the Ironing Board . Explain that today student will get a chance to get a chance to experience the joy of ironing and get their mojo – as explained in the video.

Instructional Content:

  1. Demonstrate proper iron usage or show the videos :  How to Iron Clothes:  Ironing Supplies and Accessories, How to Iron Clothes:  Moving an Iron on Clothes.  While demonstrating use Ironing Safety Handout under the InFocus projector.

  1. Give each student an opportunity to practice ironing, if possible.

  1. Students take the written quiz: Ironing Safety Quiz. The quiz also available to take online at  Ironing Safety Online Quiz. Teachers may access the quiz and student answers here.

  1. Students who were absent can access the YouTube video, Powerpoints and online quiz. Teachers may also choose to give students the Ironing Safety Handout, which contains all of the information from the PowerPoint.

Flipped Instruction/Independent Study Option:

Students may learn all of the lesson content online at The teacher may give the student the course code: VXMQNH9P  to enter they have logged onto the site. Then under “Washington State Safety Project” they can click on the “Textiles and Apparel” link,then on each page to to learn the information presented and to take the associated quiz.

Teachers wishing to have their own class site on will have instant access to all of their student progress.  For a free class site, please contact the webmaster at:


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