Personal Hygiene

Lesson Plan:    Personal Hygiene                                                                                            

National FCS Standards:

8.0: Food Production and Services

8.2.2   Employ food service management safety/sanitation program procedures, including CPR and first aid.

9.0: Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition

9.2.5   Demonstrate practices and procedures that assure personal and workplace health and hygiene.

Common Core State Standards:                                                     

CCRA.R.10 Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently.


Students in a Culinary Program must understand the procedures and guidelines to ensure cleanliness in their appearance, clothing, and hair, etc.

Behavioral Objectives:

Students will understand and demonstrate proper personal hygiene guidelines.

Time:  1 – 50 minute class period

Materials Needed:

For lesson:

Anticipatory Set:

Explain to students that they will be learning proper personal hygiene guidelines to ensure disease and food borne illnesses are not spread during their work time in the food industry.

Instructional Content:

  1. Show and discuss Personal Hygiene Powerpoint or have then read Personal Hygiene Information Sheet. Have students take notes and discuss each slide/article.
  2. Students will take the written quiz: Personal Hygiene Online Quiz. The quiz is also available to take online at Sanitation Tips: Foods and Nutrition or Personal Hygiene Quiz – Google Docs.
  3. Students who were absent can access the Powerpoints and quiz online.


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