Microwave Safety

Lesson Plan:  Microwave Safety

National Family & Consumer Sciences Standards:

9.0:   Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics

9.2.5:  Demonstrate practices and procedures that assure personal and workplace health and hygiene.

Common Core State Standards:

RST.9-10.3:  Follow precisely a multi-step procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in the text


Microwave ovens are used in most kitchens, but many students haven’t been trained to use them safely. This lesson will help students understand how to prevent becoming scalded by the superhot foods cooked in microwaves and techniques to ensure quality food preparation.

Behavioral Objective:

The student will understand and demonstrate proper microwave oven usage.

Time:    1 – 50 minute class period

Materials Needed

Anticipatory Set:

Start class by taking microwave popcorn out of the microwave. Explain that we all know that microwaves make great popcorn, but they’re also great tools for cooking all sorts of foods. Microwaves must be used with care to prevent injury for the user and damage to the microwave. Today we’re going to focus on microwave safety to make the most of their microwave ovens.

Instructional Content:

  1. Show YouTube video:  55 Microwave Safety Tips.  If YouTube is not available at your school, you could use Microwave Safety Guidelines and an InFocus Projector.  As the YouTube video is plays, stop it periodically to demonstrate with your kitchen equipments how this information applies in the Foods Lab.

  1. With their cooking groups, have each student share their favorite safety tip from the presentation.  Each group will share one or two favorite tips.

  1. Students take the written quiz: Microwave Safety Quiz.  The quiz is also available to take online at Microwave Safety ONLINE Quiz. Teachers may access student answers and the quiz HERE.

  1. Students who were absent can access the YouTube videos and online quiz. Teachers may also choose to give students the Informational Sheet:  Microwave Safety Guidelines.

Flipped Instruction/Independent Study Option:

Students may learn all of the lesson content online at KPCompass.com. The teacher may give the student the course code: VXMQNH9P  to enter they have logged onto the site. Then under “Washington State Safety Project” they can click on “Kitchen Safety Tips”, then click on each page to learn the information and to take the associated quiz.

Teachers wishing to have their own class site on KPCompass.com will have instant access to all of their student progress.  For a free class site, please contact the webmaster at: Dawn_Boyden@lkstevens.wednet.edu.


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