Food Mixer Safety

Lesson Plan:  Food Mixer Safety

National Family & Consumer Sciences Standards:

9.0:   Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics

9.2.5:  Demonstrate practices and procedures that assure personal and workplace health and hygiene.

Common Core State Standards:

RST.9-10.3:  Follow precisely a multi-step procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in the text


Although most students have electric mixers in their home kitchens, they haven’t been trained on their safe use. As a result, students don’t see mixers as a safety hazard. L&I have developed workplace standards for safe mixer use. Teen workers must be at least 16 to use electric hand-mixers that are ½ horsepower or less, or 5 quarts or less. Teen workers must be at least 18 to use larger mixing equipment.

Specific instruction on safe mixer use will prevent student injury.

Behavioral Objective:

The student will understand and demonstrate proper food mixer usage.

Time:  1 – 50 minute class period

Materials Needed:

Anticipatory Set:

  • Ask students, “Who has used an electric mixer?” “What safety tips would you give others using electric mixers for the first time?” Discuss student responses.

Instructional Content:

  1. Using Food Mixer Safety Tips, the teacher will demonstrate on the Kitchenaid mixer what the parts are, how they’re attached and used, proper use of mixer for various ingredients and how to clean and sanitize the mixer. While students are watching the demonstration, they write 10 facts about mixer safety in their classroom spiral.

  1. The teacher will prepare cookie dough, showing students the steps for mixing, how to safely add ingredients and how to scape the bowl sides and beater in the most safe manner. When the dough is complete, demonstrate unplugging the machine before removing beaters. Give each student a sample of cookie dough.

  1. Students take the written quiz:  Food Mixer Safety Quiz.  The quiz is also available to take online at  Food Mixer Safety Online Quiz. Teachers may access the quiz and student answers here.

  1. The next day, students work in their cooking groups to prepare a half-batch of the cookie dough, safely demonstrating how to use the food mixer.

  1. Students who were absent for the mixer lesson can use Food Mixer Safety Tips and the Food Mixer Safety Online Quiz..

Flipped Instruction/Independent Study Option:

Students may learn all of the lesson content online at The teacher may give the student the course code: VXMQNH9P  to enter they have logged onto the site. Then under “Washington State Safety Project” they can click on “Kitchen Safety Tips”, then “Food Mixer Safety” to learn the information and to take the associated quiz.

Teachers wishing to have their own class site on will have instant access to all of their student progress.  For a free class site, please contact the webmaster at:


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