Field Site Safety

Lesson Title:  Safety to and Field Site Expectations

National Family and Consumer Sciences Standards:

1.0:  Career, Community and Family Connections

1.2.3:  Apply communication skills in school, community and workplace settings

1.2.7:  Analyze factors that contribute to maintaining safe and healthy school, work, and community environments.

4.0:  Education and Early Childhood Education, and Services

4.4.1:  Manage physical space to maintain a learning environment that is safe and healthy and encourages physical activity.

4.4.3:  Implement strategies to teach children health, safety, and sanitation habits.

4.6.4:  Demonstrate enthusiasm, initiative, and commitment to program goals and improvements.

Common Core State Standards:

RST.6-8.3:  Follow precisely a multi-step procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks.

SL.11-12.2:  Integrate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media (e.g., visually, quantitatively, orally) in order to make informed decisions and solve problems, evaluating the credibility and accuracy of each source and noting any discrepancies among the data.


Students need to understand the required paperwork needed and the safety procedures to follow when going to their internship field sites.  Students will have a complete understanding of what is expected of them while they are at their internship field sites (students are involved in an internship approximately four days a week at an elementary school or other approved site).

Students will learn how to use positive verbal language to encourage good behavior and learning in children at their field sites.

Behavioral Objectives:

  • Students will explain and summarize the Intern Contract to their parents/guardians so they understand what is expected while their child participates in an internship field site experience.

  • Students will apply the field site expectations while at their internship.

  • Students will assess how to use positive language with students.

  • Students will assess how to dress while at their internship field sites.

  • Students will discuss and apply safety procedures as they travel to their internship field sites.

  • Students will create an “It’s Me” poster explaining about their likes/dislikes, strengthens/weaknesses, hobbies, and post-secondary plans.

Time:   1 to 3 days

Materials Needed:

Before Teaching Lesson:

  • Have internship phone numbers posted near telephone

  • Fill out the a separate Field Site Student Record form with the names of all the students in each class.  This will act as a method of record for safety procedures.  All items (except the Safety Procedure Check Off Form) must be completed before students may participate at their field site experience.

Anticipatory Set:

  • As students enter the room give each one a Student Information Sheet to fill out.  This information sheet will give you information about your students classes and what age of students they would like to work with.  Also on the form let students know they can request a specific field site or field site supervisor.  (Many students may choose to work with a previous teacher)

  • Collect Student Information Sheets and assign students to their individual field sites – use Internship Placement Form.  (This is a method of summarizing the placement of interns and organizing them for each site.  I also use this sheet as a method of taking attendance and the individual field sites use the form to check into their schools.)

Instructional Content:

  1. Hand out and discuss the Intern Contract with students.  Remind students this is a contract which the student, their parent, the field site supervisor, and FCS instructor will all sign.  Important items to stress are:

  • Attendance:  Only allow six absences during the semester to receive a passing grade – students can make up their missing assignment (45 minutes at their field site) they missed because of the absence by making up the time at their field site and completing the Class Assignment Make-Up Form – Field Site Experiences.  Give each student one of the forms and explain how to complete the document.

  • Reporting an Absence:  Intern needs to notify both FCS teacher and field site supervisor if they are going to be absence by phone or e-mail by 7:30 am.

  • Attendance Documentation:  Interns must complete the Intern Attendance Record and have their field site supervisor’s signature.

  • Punctuality and Professional Conduct:  Interns should demonstrate punctuality in arriving to their field site and exhibit superior behavior.

  • Concerns:  Interns should report any concerns immediately.

  1. Remind students to explain their Intern Contract to their parents/guardians and bring back the contract signed so they can take to their field site to get their field site supervisor’s signature too.  Hand out the Safety Procedure Check Off Form to students and remind them they will need to have the form completed in a week or removed from their field site until the form is brought to class signed.

  1. Lead a class discuss using Safety to and Field Site Expectations PowerPoint presentation.  During the presentation students will fill out the Safety to and Field Site Expectations worksheet.  This note sheet is a good way for students to have transportation safety procedure and field site expectation written down for their portfolio and to use as a study guide.  During class discuss may want to refer to the Field Site Performance Expectations handout.  Allow students to add to the discuss especially if they have been in a Family and Consumer Sciences – Field Site Experience class.

4.  Students take Safety to and Field Site Expectations Quiz or  Safety to and    Field Site Expectations ONLINE Quiz.

5.  Students need to achieve 100% on safety quiz before participating at their internship.

6.  Students will be excited to learn where they are going to be placed and before they go to their field site they will create a It’s Me Poster to share with their field site class.


  • Review some of the traveling safety to your field site quiz questions

  • Remind students to bring their Intern Contract back signed.

Flipped Instruction/Independent Study Option:

Students may learn all of the lesson content online at The teacher may give the student the course code: VXMQNH9P  to enter they have logged onto the site. Then under “Washington State Safety Project” they can click on “Career, Community & Family Connections”, then “Bus Safety Procedures” and “Walking Safety Procedures” to learn the information and to take the associated quiz.

Teachers wishing to have their own class site on KPCompass will have instant access to all of their student progress.  For a free class site, please contact the webmaster at:


Extended Learning:

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