Human Development

Baby Center   –  This is a website with a multitude of information related child development information.

Department of Early Learning

Growing Up Homeless Presentation – Dr. Sharleen Kato

So Close and Yet So Far:  A Dozen Ways to Make Lifespan Development Relatable to High School Students – PowerPoint Presentation – Dr. Sharleen Kato

State of Care Index –

WA State Department of Early Learning   –  A wealth of resources available on this site related to child development and early learning.

Washington State Safety Project – Google Drive Folder with multiple resources for the FACS teacher to use to teach safety in all curriculum areas. Materials and online tests also housed at KPCompass website. After creating a log in, enter the course code: VXMQNH9P to access all learning materials and tests. Teachers wishing to have their own “classroom” on the website will have complete access to student progress in each module. Contact Dawn Boyden at to have your classroom set up.

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