Birth Control Resource List – Kendall Dodd

Coordinated School Health   –  The Coordinated School Health program has a great website with DATA and resources.

EPA Office of Children’s Health Protection – Recipes for Healthy Kids and a Healthy Environment

Healthguru   –  A site with information on mental health, diet & fitness, baby, college, conditions A-Z, and sexual health. A variety of articles and information related to health concerns.

Harvard School of Public Health   –  A site that shares health information including global research that promotes health worldwide.

HIV & Sexual Health Strategies for Working with/Teaching Marginalized Youth – PowerPoint Presentation – Suzanne Hidde

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools – Free Curriculum from SAMHSA

Teaching About Birth Control:  New Techniques for Adolescent Education – PowerPoint Presentation – Kendall Dodd

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