21st Century Skills

Lesson from Sarah McCoy –

I used this in Independent Living prior to working on their cover letters, resumes and job interviews.  It went awesome!  The students were able to use the information from the character strengths profile and the 21st Century Leadership Skills to identify their strengths and skills for their resumes.  The wording of the strengths and skills really helped make their resumes sound much more professional.  The presentations from this project helped them talk about themselves in a more positive way, made students think creativity on how they would present the information since the requirements were broad and they used some new technology which created awesome infographics and presentations.  I attached the example infographic I made for myself.  When I did a sample presentation I explained my examples of how I have the leadership skills in my personal, professional and in the community.  Some students formatted it with the examples on their infographic.  Like I said I had some really awesome projects and they all were different.

Do as you wish with this assignment!

Character Strengths and 21st Century Skills             Who Am I Poster

Clinton Taylor – Engaging Parents and the Community in Your Lessons

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