Interested in Joining Our Organization?

In order to be a member of our organization, two items are required to be paid. The first item is WA-ACTE membership is $75 and can be accessed at this link. The second item is WA-FACSE section dues is $25 and is also on the same form for WA-ACTE. You cannot become a member of WA-FACSE section without holding WA-ACTE membership.

The funds from the WA-FACSE section dues helps to support our Summer and Annual Conferences, legislative activities that keep your FACSE programs strong, professional development opportunities that we are able to offer each active member, covering the costs of the activity of your FACSE Executive Board, contact information gathered and recorded to keep you updated on events and activities, printed, online and mailed information.

If you’re not sure about your membership status or section dues payment, contact Tess Alviso at WA-ACTE  or call 360-786-9286.

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