FCS Lesson Resources By Topic

21st Century Skills

Lesson from Sarah McCoy –

Character Strengths and 21st Century Skills             Who Am I Poster

Clinton Taylor – Engaging Parents and the Community in Your Lessons

Child Development

Clothing & Textiles

Professional Dress by Raedene Copeland

Financial Education

Council for Economic Education   –  Economics and personal finance resources for K-12.

Dibble Institute – Lessons

Financial Literacy for ALL Ages

FEPPP Resources

Griffith Foundation   –  Insurance Curriculum Online is a free web-based compilation of lesson plans, activities and resources that gives educators an opportunity to teach students the value of insurance and how it works. The curriculum was developed by the Griffith Insurance Education Institute and is endorsed by the NW Insurance Council. http://www.griffithfoundation.org/washington/

How to Teach Savings & Investing – Jumpstart Lesson

Invest It Forward – The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis just rolled out a new video and companion online “course” on capital markets.

LifeSmarts PowerPoint Presentation

NextGen Personal Finance Curriculum

VISA Financial games   –  Get free financial games from Visa they offer Soccer and football online or in a CD format.

Food Science


Birth Control Resource List – Kendall Dodd

Coordinated School Health   –  The Coordinated School Health program has a great website with DATA and resources.

EPA Office of Children’s Health Protection – Recipes for Healthy Kids and a Healthy Environment

Healthguru   –  A site with information on mental health, diet & fitness, baby, college, conditions A-Z, and sexual health. A variety of articles and information related to health concerns.

Harvard School of Public Health   –  A site that shares health information including global research that promotes health worldwide.

HIV & Sexual Health Strategies for Working with/Teaching Marginalized Youth – PowerPoint Presentation – Suzanne Hidde

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools – Free Curriculum from SAMHSA

Teaching About Birth Control:  New Techniques for Adolescent Education – PowerPoint Presentation – Kendall Dodd

Teens Health

Human Development

Baby Center   –  This is a website with a multitude of information related child development information.

Growing Up Homeless Presentation – Dr. Sharleen Kato

So Close and Yet So Far:  A Dozen Ways to Make Lifespan Development Relatable to High School Students – PowerPoint Presentation – Dr. Sharleen Kato

State of Care Index – Care.com