FACSE Job Openings in WA

2020-2021 Job Openings


Job Opportunity

Orting School District is looking for a Long-term CTE certified teacher in Family Consumer Sciences to teach Culinary 1 and Culinary 3 from November 2nd-January 28th at Orting High School. All courses are being taught online using Google Classroom and Rouxbe.com culinary curriculum. OHS runs a 6 period day and has three – 1 hour meets Monday-Thursday from 10:00AM-1:30PM with asynchronous/intervention time on Fridays from 10:30-2:00PM. 
The long-term sub would be responsible for planning lessons aligned to our Culinary frameworks, assessing student work, communicating with students/families and  facilitating FCCLA meetings (with an already established group of students) remotely. Because of COVID-19 and Remote Learning,  interested teachers from around the State of Washington are encouraged to apply and should contact Orting CTE Director Matt Carlson at carlsonm@orting.wednet.edu or (360) 872-4324 for more information.