Meet our Executive Director

Exciting news! We have interviewed three incredible candidates for WA-FACSE Executive Director.  One of them possessed all the qualifications that were designated essential for anyone to succeed in this position.  Some of you may already know our new Executive Director, as she also handles the GRADS grant at OSPI.
Our new Executive Director is Denise Mileson.  Please Join us in Welcoming Denise to our organization.

One thought

  1. Hi Kathi, it was fascinating to read your story. You sound like you have the same enthusiasm for our field as when you started. Is your position new? I am just wondering what your plans are to get to more of us across the state. Since you have family here in Spokane, I bet you are here often. I would love to meet you on one of your trips here. This is my 31st year as an FCS teacher and I still cannot imagine teaching anything more wonderful, practical or far reaching for my high school students. Thank you!

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