Executive Director: Kathi Hendrix


Hello from your Executive Director of WA-ACTE Family and Consumer Sciences Educators section. My job is to support and work with the elected officials and committee chairs as they lead and direct this organization on the WA-FACSE Section Board. I hope to get to know FACS teachers throughout Washington and learn your story. To begin this goal, I’ve included parts of my career and personal stories for you to know me.

Deciding to become a Family and Consumer Sciences educator was one of the best decisions of my life. I fell in love with all things FACS as a young 4-H member and a Home Economics student in high school. FHA started my freshman year and I was a charter member and eventually chapter president.   My passion for FACS continued to grow as a Home Economics and Education major at Oregon State University.  The year after graduation I traveled to Europe on a 4-H exchange program, student taught, and met and married my husband Frank.  We continued our education at Washington State University where I earned a MS in Adult and Continuing Education. Every day I enjoy the world of FACS as my life revolves around home, family and leadership.  I was privileged to teach the subjects I love for 37 years and honored to advise Family, Career and Communities Leaders of America for over 30 years.

My career started at Athena-Weston Junior High School in Weston, Oregon. Nine years later our family moved to Hermiston, OR and I started teaching high school FACS, math and started a new FHA chapter. In 2015 I retired from Selah School District where I taught FACS, served at CTE Director and again started a new FHA/FCCLA chapter. In Selah, I had student teachers and practicum students.  Mentoring new FACS professionals is one of my favorite activities. I enjoy curriculum writing and wrote FACS curriculum in both Oregon and Washington and wrote lessons for National FCCLA (National Consultant) and Family Economies and Financial Education (Mentor Teacher). During summers I created games and sold several to NASCO for publication.  FCCLA and student leadership have always been important to me and I love empowering students to take the lead and succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Growing up in Eastern Oregon as a farm girl who paid for college with earnings as the harvest cook and 4-H swine projects, I was well prepared to fall in love with a man who paid for college by working on farms and raising sheep. Frank and I married in 1975 and after two years in Pullman, have always lived on farms/ranches.  Frank is a Washington State University professor and works in adult education in Extension.  We live on a small acreage and lease additional property for Frank to conduct research with cattle and sheep.  Our home is surrounded by flowers and full of handmade love including stain glass by Frank and quilts by me.

We have two children who were active in 4-H and FCCLA members. Heather and her family live in Selah and Bif and his family live in Spokane.  Each of our children has three children making us the proud grandparents of six.  Having both my children in FCCLA and FACS classes was the best. One of my career highs was during the business meeting at the FCCLA National Conference in Boston 1999. It’s gone down in history as the meeting where the vote to change the association’s name from FHA to FCCLA was successful. It was also the first time Selah High School won a National Program Award and my son and his project partner received the award on the national stage right before the name change vote and the tremendous celebration that followed. It goes down in my history as an extra special memory.

Serving as the Executive Director of Washington Family and Consumer Sciences Educators Section is both an honor and a challenge. I feel confident the association will continue to grow and adapt. Strengthening the family as a basic unit of society remains our core.  My promise to you is I will do my best to serve the board and members of our section.  As a FCCLA alumni and adviser for over half of my life and as a cancer survivor I honestly can say, I will face the future with (warm) courage and (high) hope.

Kathi Hendrix

Executive Director

One thought on “Executive Director: Kathi Hendrix

  1. Rhonda Austing February 7, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Hi Kathi, it was fascinating to read your story. You sound like you have the same enthusiasm for our field as when you started. Is your position new? I am just wondering what your plans are to get to more of us across the state. Since you have family here in Spokane, I bet you are here often. I would love to meet you on one of your trips here. This is my 31st year as an FCS teacher and I still cannot imagine teaching anything more wonderful, practical or far reaching for my high school students. Thank you!

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