Kathy Hahn Featured in Everett Herald Article

She’s been a teacher of teachers in Lake Stevens for 16 years

Kathy Hahn, who started the careers-in-education class at Lake Stevens High School, is retiring.

LAKE STEVENS — Dozens of teachers and soon-to-be teachers have learned from and looked up to Kathy Hahn.

She started the careers in education program at Lake Stevens High School in 2002. She’s taught that class along with early childhood development, food and fitness, and living on your own.

“I have probably 100 kids who have become teachers,” Hahn said. “They give back to their communities the way I’ve tried to give back to Lake Stevens.”

Hahn is retiring after 40 years of teaching, 32 of those in Lake Stevens. She also has coached volleyball, advised the senior class and the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America club, and raised two children who went to Lake Stevens schools.

Hahn, 63, loves mentoring students who aim to become teachers. She worked with Everett Community College so students could get college credit. She developed a strong FCCLA program, as well. Students in that club have gone on to be officers and award-winners at the state and national level.

Her goal has been to help students find their passion and see their potential, she said.

Kathy Hahn

Kathy Hahn

“There are a lot of choices for kids and they’re pulled in so many directions,” Hahn said. “Everyone wants that true leader of a student, but a lot of students can really rise to the occasion and maybe it’s not the student who is in leadership class.”

Though she’s retiring from Lake Stevens, she isn’t done. She’ll start a new job in October, working with student teachers from Washington State University as they are placed in schools, including in Snohomish County.

It looks like one of her first WSU student teachers will be a Lake Stevens graduate who took careers in education.

“It’s kind of coming full circle,” Hahn said.

Her husband, Mike Hahn, teaches at Granite Falls High School. They have two adult children, Ashley and Derek.

Kathy Hahn grew up in Fruitland, in Eastern Washington. Her graduating class had 12 students. Her parents owned a dairy farm, and she milked the cows. She learned early on that dedication and hard work pay off, she said.

She thought of going to pharmacy school. Her high school counselor persuaded her to consider teaching. Her grandmother had been a teacher and her mom was studying to become one when she met Hahn’s dad.

Hahn has been recognized multiple times as a stand-out educator. The Washington Association of Career and Technical Education named her teacher of the year in 2016.

Courtesy of Kathy Hahn
                                Kathy Hahn’s last day of school, with some of her careers in education students, all juniors, (from left): Tihetna Felege, Brooke Valentine, Kathy Hahn, Camilia Hendrickson and Jaelyn Sutton

Courtesy of Kathy Hahn Kathy Hahn’s last day of school, with some of her careers in education students, all juniors, (from left): Tihetna Felege, Brooke Valentine, Kathy Hahn, Camilia Hendrickson and Jaelyn Sutton


Jacob Anderson, who graduated in 2017, took two classes and an independent study program with Hahn and was state president for FCCLA. He just finished his associate’s degree and is headed to University of Washington Bothell to study computer science. Hahn helped him build connections and gain real-world experience, he said.

“It just always felt like she had a hand in everything that made Lake Stevens High School awesome and fun,” Anderson said. “You name it, she was involved in it.”

Hahn went earlier this month to the FCCLA national conference with seven students. Several received awards. Five are underclassmen, and she hopes they’ll be the backbone of the club next year. She also hopes the district can find a teacher for careers in education and early child development who has a master’s degree so the classes can count for college credit.

In a letter of recommendation, Lake Stevens High School Principal Leslie Ivelia wrote that Hahn is thoughtful and kind, someone who inspires people to be better.

Associate Principal Jason Pearson called her one of the most dedicated teachers at the school.

“The hearts and minds of the students she works with are a little fuller because of her ability and love of teaching,” he wrote.

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STEM Classroom & Lab Grant – Another Grant Opportunity

The 2018 Washington State Legislature appropriated $10 million in capital funding for STEM Capital Grants (SSB6090 Section 5005). Grants will be available to school districts for public school facilities servicing students in grades 9-12, or any combination thereof.
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Please go to OSPI School Facilities website for more detailed information regarding the grant. Washington STEM will be conducting a webinar regarding this grant on July 16, 2018. For more information about the webinar, please visit Washingtonstem.org .
The STEM grant application will be accessible through iGrants Form Package 855 July 11, 2018 and will close on October 15, 2018 at 4:00 P.M.
For questions regarding this bulletin, please contact Scott Black, Program Development
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Grant Information – Bulletin 056 from OSPI

Grant Opportunity – Large Equipment/Foods Lab Remodel

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Bulletin 057-18

Re: Career and Technical Education Equipment Grant iGrants Form Package 816

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Key Audiences: Educational Service District Superintendents, School District Superintendents, School District Business Managers, Career and Technical Education Instructors

Farm to Table Workshop

Summer Educator’s Culinary Workshop is coming up on June 25-27, 2018– Registration is now open!

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Leadership in Edible Education Certificate Program 

Taking Applications for Summer 2018-Spring 2019 Cohort

EduCulture and the Master of Arts in Education Program at Antioch University Seattle (AUS) present the Leadership in Edible Education Certificate Program (L.E.E.). Launched in 2015, this groundbreaking leadership development program is designed for formal and informal educators, and other professionals, who are interested in making a difference through edible education in Pre-K, K-12, and post-secondary schools and the wider food community. Spread over four quarterly courses, with Summer and Fall points of entry, this intensive professional education program is aimed at building the cultivating the experience, knowledge, and repertoire for those who seek to work in the field of edible education, or incorporate edible education into their current practice. It is also a formal concentration within the AUS MAEd Degree program, making the first of its kind in a graduate education program.

Four Quarter Program Course Cycle:
Summer 2018, Education Towards Food, Community & Citizenship
Fall 2018, Food in Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions
Winter 2019, Edible Education I: Theory & Practice
Spring 2019, Edible Education II: Culminating Project

Professional Education Options for Formal & Informal Educators Through EduCulture:
– L.E.E. Professional Certificate
– L.E.E. Professional Certificate with Continuing Education Credits
– L.E.E. Professional Certificate with WA State Clock Hours

Professional Education Options for Antioch Degree Students:
– AUS MAEd Degree with LEE Concentration & Professional Certificate
– AUS MAEd Level LEE Graduate Certificate & Professional Certificate
– Open to BA Completion and Psychology Students
– Any of the courses may help fulfill certain requirements for the Environmental and Sustainability Education Endorsement.


“Leadership in Edible Education has given me the language, the context, and most importantly the community to begin to understand how I am a leader in this newly emerging field.  Through thoughtfully chosen experiences situated within the Seattle and Kitsap area, stimulating dialogues, and powerful resources I have honed my knowledge, strength and vision.  Thanks to this superbly crafted curriculum and wise leadership, my life has forever been changed.” – Angela King, Educator and 2015-16 L.E.E. Graduate


To learn more, visit:
EduCulture Inquiries, contact 206-780-5797 or admin@EducultureProject.org
Antioch Inquiries, contact: jgarfunkel@Antioch.edu