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Dottie Record

FEPPP is proud to announce this month’s teacher spotlight – Dottie Record, a PACE High School teacher in the Wapato School District. Dottie has been teaching for 25 years and her passion still shines bright!  CONGRATULATIONS DOTTIE RECORD!


Tracy Godat, FEPPP Executive Director

Dottie has taught FACSE at PACE High School for 25 years. PACE High School is the alternative school for the Wapato School District.  Dottie has taught the following courses:  Child Development, GRADS Instructor, Applied Math, Culinary Arts, Independent Living and Personal Choices, Financial Fitness For Life (FFFL) and Digital Tools.Dottie is the Program Development lead for WA-FACSE, WA-ACTE Program Development. Dottie has been an active presenter for the Financial Education Public-Private Partnership as well as a trained FEPPP Financial Fellow. Dottie also served as a WEA building representative for PACE.

Tracy Godat, FEPPP Executive Director, sat down and asked Dottie Record some questions around her teaching experience and here’s what she had to say.

TG:  When did you start teaching?

DR:  In Washington state the fall of 1994. I was a county extension agency representative in Oregon for 8 years prior to that. I was a professor through Oregon State University.

TG:  What drew you to become a Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Teacher?

DR:  In high school I had a FACS teacher whose style made me think there is a better way of doing things. I have been asked why I didn’t go into agriculture because that is also my background. I have a very blended background. I like cooking and crafts and sewing when I have time.

TG:  What changed for you in teaching during the pandemic?

DR:  A lot – it was all virtual where it was usually hands on. We had to pivot to smaller and more condensed lessons. I focused on power standards more than giving them content build up. The technology was the most challenging. Being able to pivot from something we walked them through to something they could do on their own.

TG:  What was the most rewarding thing that came out of the pandemic?

DR:  Being able to get the seniors class of 2020 graduated successfully. The district did a wonderful job of making this a special accomplishment in light of the pandemic. My rewarding thing this year was learning how to build a relationship with students virtually. Unfortunately, I am not able to build that relationship with students that have not participated in class. Building a relationship with the students is the most important part of teaching.

TG:  What are you looking forward to next year?

DR:  Hopefully we are fully engaged and in the classroom. A consistent schedule will make all the difference.

TG:  What feedback have you received from students?

DR:  The different schedules we have is a challenge for many of them. Several have thanked me for the hard work I put into their education. They appreciate the additional effort. I really enjoy teaching or I wouldn’t be here – going on 25 years of teaching.

Congratulations Dottie and thank you for your service to Washington State students!

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