Amazing Me! – Research Participants Needed!

Dear Educators,

Did you know that by the 6th grade, 40% to 70% of students dislike their bodies and engage in unhealthy practices to alter the way they look? Middle school teachers report observing students skipping lunch, making negative statements about their bodies, and talking negatively about other student’s bodies. Research shows these behaviors can hurt academic functioning, social relationships, and lead to unhealthy eating behaviors.
The good news is that increasing a student’s body confidence, self-esteem, and decreasing appearance-related bullying and teasing can prevent these issues in middle school. To assist educators in increasing the body confidence and self-esteem of their students, The Amazing Me curriculum was created as a Dove Self-Esteem Project tool to boost body confidence and self-esteem in children.
I’m attaching a brief summary of the Amazing Me program and our study. The program can be used virtually, in-person, or hybrid!
There would be no cost to the school or families to participate in this study.  All costs of Amazing Me and the study will be covered by our research grant. In addition, we compensate teachers for participating.
If you are interested in learning more or signing up for the program please fill out the link below.

Thanks in advance for considering our project!  
–The Amazing Me Team

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