Online Facilitator Training for Money Habits for At-Risk Youth

by The Dibble Institute
September 9, 2020
9:00 AM–12:00 PM PDT
$59 for a 3-Lesson, Online TrainingCEUs available.
Each trainee must have a copy of Money Habitudes 2 ($69 plus tax—select states—and S/H). Seats are limited to 25 participants, so register SOON! For more details and to register, click here.

We are offering 3 CEUs for this course. Click here for more information and purchasing options.
About Money Habitudes 2 Money Habitudes for At-Risk Youth is a quick, three-lesson program introducing young adults to the non-technical, human side of money—a critical element of successful money management. The three lively lessons explore how hidden attitudes affect the ways people actually behave around money, regardless of economic situation or financial expertise. A key goal is helping young people to identify their personal financial patterns—and why these matter. The award-winning Money Habitudes™ card game, integrated into the lessons, makes this process fun and engaging. Money Habitudes 2 is written specifically for at-risk or system-involved youth in community settings, including pregnancy prevention, healthy relationship, responsible fatherhood, and workforce development. The scenarios are realistic, reflecting that the students have few resources and often lack even basic financial skills.

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