FREE Live Virtual Food Safety Training from the Institute of Child Nutrition April, May and June 2020

Register now to attend free LIVE, interactive food safety training sessions for child nutrition professionals.  You can attend the following sessions led by ICN consultant trainers during April, May and early June, 2020.

Food Allergies for School Nutrition Managers & Staff

The training objectives for this course include the following.

  • Evaluate the impact that an allergic reaction incident may have on a school.
  • Describe a food allergy, its symptoms and treatment methods.
  • Identify the eight major food allergens.
  • Distinguish between food allergy and food intolerance.
  • Demonstrate how to find the eight major food allergens in the ingredient statement on a food label.
  • Describe how to find allergens in the ingredient statement on the food label that are not among the eight major, are in bulk items or are in USDA Foods.
  • Describe the procedures for reading ingredient statements.
  • Explain cross-contact.
  • Examine how cross-contact may occur and develop strategies for preventing it.
  • Describe methods for supporting children with food allergies.
  • Determine strategies to manage food prepared and served outside of the cafeteria.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Managers and Food Service Assistants/Technicians            KEY AREA:  2:  Operations

Food Safety Basics

Developed for new school nutrition managers, employees, and substitute cooks – this training curriculum is designed to provide a basic understanding of food safety. The lesson content covers food safety and why it is important, methods for training school nutrition staff on food safety, how to prevent foodborne illness, and checklists to monitor food safety.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Managers and Food Service Assistants/Technicians      KEY AREA:  2:  Operations

Norovirus for Schools & Norovirus for Child Care

Everyone Plays a P.A.R.T. in Norovirus ControlNorovirus is the leading cause of foodborne illness, and it is estimated that more than half of all food-related outbreaks of illness are caused by norovirus. This training includes participant interaction and activities. Content focus:

Why norovirus is a concern in child nutrition and child care settings
Symptoms of norovirus and how it is transmitted
Norovirus prevention and control strategies

(Prevent, Assemble a Body Fluid Cleanup Kit, Respond to an incident, Total cleanup)
Resources for norovirus prevention and control

TARGET AUDIENCE – Everyone      KEY AREA:  2:  Operations

Food Safety in Child Care

This food safety training is for child care employees using the four key concepts of the USDA Fight BAC program: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill.


Registration is limited to 25 participants per session.  All times listed are Central Standard Time.


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