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As many of us are scrambling for materials that are designed for remote learning that can be depended upon for their accuracy and effectiveness, we at FEPPP put together a list of resources we recommend unreservedly that can be used across contents. First, there are materials available at . You register as a teacher (its free), upload your student lists, and then choose your materials. There are testing instruments built in, and the materials are available for k-12, including lessons on economics and personal finance, many of which meet ELA and mathematics standards. If you are teaching US history and are looking at an online unit on the Great Depression, econlowdown’s unit is amazing. It’s been used as a model for best practices in C3 unit development.A second source is  This is also a free resource, but the lessons can require a range of teacher involvement. Once again, the materials are reviewed prior to publication for accuracy, something that is not true for many materials. In an effort to save time sifting through the long list of materials we have assembled a list of other personal finance materials for you:  Financial Education MaterialsIf you are looking for professional development opportunities to complete at home, econedlink has these as well. They are built around materials that have been rigorously classroom tested prior to distribution, something that I strongly appreciate.As you discover means and materials to meet these challenges or have questions, please let us know. We’ll share your input across our educational communities.

Sincerely,Pam Whalley, Director
Center for Economic and Financial Education at WWU
Education Chair, FEPPP
pam.whalley@wwu.eduTracy Godat
Executive Director, FEPPP

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