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The CUE Craft #DitchSummit starts today. Click on the links below to check out the teaching ideas — applicable to all subject and grade levels.

You’re joining over 2,000 educators who have claimed their ticket to this digital event.A majority of you are from the United States, but it’s a global event. We have representation from Canada, Australia, Suriname and more.

Want to stay connected with everyone during the summit? Share what’s useful and inspiring? See what others have to say?

The best way is through the conference Twitter hashtag, #DitchSummit. Please share quotes, links, ideas, reflections — anything — on Twitter and include the #DitchSummit hashtag. Don’t forget to tag your presenter in your tweets! (You’ll find them below with the presenter information.)

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still watch the discussion by going to Twitter.com/hashtag/DitchSummit.

Finally, remember to check out the speaker notes and the certificate of completion during the summit. As soon as the summit closes on August 10, you won’t be able to access them online anymore, so don’t wait around.

Today’s your lucky day. You don’t just get one video presentation … you get TWO!

jon and cate

We kick off with Jon Corippo and Cate Tolnai (OMG that’s me!!), two CUE Craft instigators who are bent on bringing lesson craftsmanship back into the hands of teachers. Tweet at Jon (@jcorippo) and Cate (@CateTolnai) with your take on their mission! (If Jon and Cate recalls old “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” TV episodes like it did Matt, you’re not alone! And you’ll find out why that comparison isn’t that far off base …)

Click here to watch Jon and Cate’s presentation!

After that opening, you’re in for a treat. Jennifer Gonzalez of the wildly popular Cult of Pedagogy blog and podcast shares several VERY practical ideas she’s written/talked. They’re topics I hand-picked from her work. (Her blog and podcast are two of my absolute FAVORITE resources for educators.) They include …

  • Developing curation to learn
  • The “single point rubric”
  • Frickin’ packets (yes, those are worksheet packets …)

Her insight and ideas are not to be missed! Tweet at Jennifer (@cultofpedagogy) to connect with her!

Click here to watch Jennifer’s presentation!



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