Teacher Trainings for the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource

Two teacher trainings, for the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource, are being held on October 23 and December 6, in Tacoma.  

OSPI has identified the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource for use in high schools. These teacher trainings will prepare classroom teachers, in the use of the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource in their classroom, providing a basic overview of mental health, and illness, and orientation, to the teaching materials. The resource improves mental health literacy, and it is widely taught in schools across Canada, and internationally. The material is medically accurate, designed for classroom settings, and all teaching materials can be downloaded at no cost.

OSPI has mapped the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource to the Health Education K-12 Learning Standards (revised 2016), and it aligns with all eight learning standards (H1-8) when the full curriculum resource is implemented with fidelity.

Teacher Training Info:

  • Participants should be teachers who plan to teach the curriculum resource, and who have support to attend from building or district administrators
  • Clock hours provided through OSPI and Project AWARE.  Sign-in and course evaluation required.
  • Offered at no cost, with lunch provided
  • Training hours are 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Tacoma location will be provided when registration has been confirmed
  • We request teachers share implementation information after teaching


October 23:  https://www.pdenroller.org/Catalog/Event/48546

December 6: https://www.pdenroller.org/Catalog/Event/48548

Additional teacher trainings are planned in early 2018 – please email Rachael Wagoner to be added to the interest/notification list.

We appreciate your help letting high school teachers and administrators know about these Teacher Training opportunities!

Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource Training Coordination Team:

  • Deb Binion
  • Mandy Paradise
  • Rachael Wagoner
  • Monet Craton

Bringing the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Resource to Washington students is a partnership between the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Project AWARE, the Jordan Binion Project, and CHI Franciscan Health’s Prevent-Avert-Respond (PAR) Initiative. We thank Comprehensive Life Resources for their collaboration in providing these Teacher Trainings.

Rachael Wagoner

Phone: 360-725-6247 Email

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