CSTP Pilot PD Materials for CIE

The Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP) is excited to announce an opportunity for educators to pilot professional development materials for the Recruiting Washington Teachers Teaching Academy Curriculum.

CSTP has been working with teams of teachers to create online modules that provide professional development to teachers planning on teaching the Recruiting Washington Teachers curriculum (available from the PESB website)

We are seeking up to 50 educators to pilot the online modules that have been created. We are interested in educators from all over the state and from a variety of curriculum areas and levels. We will be running 3 rounds of the pilot, August, September and October.

Expectations of Pilot Participants:

  1. Attend a 1 hour webinar prior to piloting the materials
  2. Read relevant materials provided by CSTP prior to piloting the materials
  3. Pilot up to 4 modules available online via Canvas Learning Management System)
  4. Complete a Feedback Document after piloting each module and return promptly to CSTP
  5. Complete a Final Evaluation at the end of the Pilot phase

CSTP will provide:

  1. Direction and guidance for pilot participants via webinar, reading materials and email communication
  2. Payment to pilot participants of $25 per module piloted (up to 4 total) after feedback is submitted and $25 for attending the live webinar.

If you are interested in participating in this Pilot, please register via this survey monkey link.

If you have questions, please contact Sarah Applegate or Nasue Nishida.


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