FEPPP Advanced Materials Training

FREE Professional Development Program for k-12 Educators and School Librarians

Using Virtual Economics 4.5 to Enhance Your Courses
(with an Emphasis on Personal Finance)

Yes, this is the resource that you have heard other educators raving about!

Where: Cascadia Technical Academy (formerly Clark Co Skill Center)
When: April 20, 2017
Times: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm

Enrollment is limited, so register today:

We will explore the new Virtual Economics flash drive with a focus on personal finance. This resource contains a treasure trove of classroom tested, teacher approved materials in a host of subjects!  We would like to strongly encourage teacher and librarian pairs to attend.

What’s on the VE Flash Drive?  1400 active participation lessons, all correlated to the Common Core Standards.  This amazing resource includes over 60 Council for Economic Education publications including (but not limited to):
• Personal Finance: Financial Fitness for Life (2nd edition), Learning, Earning and Investing: Elementary, Middle and High School
• Social Studies: Capstone–Teacher and Student Guides, Economics in Action, Focus Economics: k-2, 3-5, Focus: High School Economics, Focus: Middle School Economics, Focus: Understanding Economics in Civics and Government, Focus: Understanding Economics in U.S. History
• Mathematics: Mathematics & Economics: Connections for Life – 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
(See http://ve.councilforeconed.org/features/lessons.php for a complete
listing of the publications contained in this tool.)

Every participant will receive:
• Complimentary clock hours
• Continental breakfast and lunch
• A complimentary copy of the Virtual Economics flash drive (a $159.95 value)
• SUB PAY (up to $200 per teacher/librarian)

Please share with other educators in your area.

Questions?  Contact Tracy Godat at FEPPP@k12.wa.us

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