WA-FACSE Not Providing PD at WA-ACTE Conference

Dear WA-FACSE members,

The WA-FACSE board has decided not to provide professional development workshops at Summer Conference in August 2017.  The decision to discontinue a financial rebate provided to sections in previous years was made without input from the entire WA-ACTE board (including other sections). The rebate, which was issued based on those who attended summer conference under the FACSE section, did not cover all of our expenses for Summer Conference, however, it did help offset costs and expenses incurred to put on quality and worthwhile sessions while at summer conference. We asked the WA-ACTE Board to reconsider this decision and they adamantly refused.

Your WA-FACSE board discussed in-length the options to best utilize our resources. The board voted that the time and work spent on the planning of summer conference speakers and sessions, on top of the expense to our association with no income, would be better spent working on and planning a successful FCS Annual Fall Conference.

Please know that this decision is not one that was taken lightly or made easily. It was voted on by the board at our spring meeting in Leavenworth. This does not mean we will sever ties with WA-ACTE nor does it mean we will not have FACSE workshops at future summer conferences. We want to take time to decide how best to serve you and stay on budget.

We are sending this early to allow you to plan accordingly. WA-ACTE Summer Conference is in Spokane, clock hours are provided, and professional development by other sections, OSPI and WA-ACTE will be provided. FACSE specific professional development will not occur until FCS Annual Fall Conference October  15th-17th, 2017 at the Red Lion in Spokane. More information to follow.

If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please direct them to Kathi Hendrix, WA-FACSE Executive Director, at  hendrixhm1@gmail.com


WA-FACSE Executive Board

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