Publicize your programs!

Publicize your programs! Let you community know what your students are doing!

Here are some tips and guidelines:

  • Type on letterhead with date of issue citing date of release in upper left corner (for example “For Immediate Release” ).
  • Include contact name, phone and email contact.
  • Dateline (date and location of event i.e. Seattle, WA–Date).
  • Attention Grabbing Headline/Title.
  • Remember to use: Who What When Where Why about the event.
  • Closing paragraph to provide information about WA FASCE and what it is (for example see below).Washington Family and Consumer Science Educators work to improve the quality and standards of individual and family life by providing educational content and programs. Classes provide research-based knowledge and skills in a variety of content areas including human development, family finance, housing and interior design, hospitality and tourism, food science nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues.

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